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We are committed to local! But what does that mean?

Get to know a little more about our Proudly South African flash-frozen fruit.

Team FB
1 September 2023

Melinda Lemay said, “Good things come to all those who shop local.” This quote really resonates with us at Frozen Brands. As a Proudly South African company, we really see the benefits that supporting local businesses and people has on our community and economy. 

It’s easy to say you’re committed to supporting local business, but the proof is in the flash-frozen pudding. We pride ourselves on being a 100% local company, but what does that actually look like? 

This means that our whole supply chain is 100% local. From where the fruit is picked, to the packaging that holds it to the companies that deliver it to your local retailer, South Africans are benefitting every step of the way.

But what are the benefits of supporting local? It’s more than just giving us the warm and fuzzies. Supporting local is a key element in true sustainability – and that means sustainability from an economic, social and environmental sense. Supporting local strengthens the local economy through job creation, which also supports social cohesion and community, and reduces the environmental footprint associated with importing products/packaging.

When you choose any of our products, you can rest assured that not only are you making the healthy choice, but you are also doing your bit to support local!

Posted by Team FB
1 September 2023