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Cultivating Sustainability

Frozen Brands and the Hammarsdale Connection

Team FB
2 October 2023

Cultivating Sustainability: Frozen Brands and the Hammarsdale Connection

In the serene heart of South Africa, nestled near the picturesque farming community of Hammarsdale, Frozen Brands stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation. Beyond our commitment to providing convenient and nutritious foods, we've forged a unique partnership with our neighbours in Hammarsdale that not only transforms waste into a valuable resource but also strengthens our local community.

Turning Pineapple Waste into a Lifeline

Frozen Brands produces a variety of top-quality frozen products, with pineapple being a shining star in our lineup. Yet, the process of pineapple production generates a significant amount of pineapple peels and off-cuts, once seen as waste. Recognizing an opportunity to make a difference, we decided to harness these peels to benefit both our operations and the local farming community.

2.5 Tons of Peels: A Sustainable Partnership

Each year, Frozen Brands proudly supplies over 2.5 tons of pineapple peels to our neighbours in Hammarsdale. What was once discarded waste has become a vital resource for these small-scale farmers. The peels, rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, now serve as nutritious and cost-effective feed for their livestock.

The Impact: Sustainability at Its Core

Our partnership with Hammarsdale epitomizes sustainability. We've reduced waste and its environmental impact by diverting pineapple peels from landfills or composting, simultaneously lowering methane emissions and soil degradation.

A Community United by Innovation

The benefits don't end there. Through this innovative collaboration, the local farming community enjoys a diversified diet for their livestock, leading to improved animal health and well-being. Additionally, our initiative has the potential to enhance milk production in dairy cows, further supporting the local agricultural ecosystem.

At Frozen Brands, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products. We're proud to stand side by side with the Hammarsdale community, cultivating sustainability through shared resources and a shared vision.

Join Us on the Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Together, we're redefining the boundaries of what's possible when communities and businesses come together in the spirit of innovation and sustainability. Our collaboration within the Hammarsdale community showcases that even seemingly small changes can have a profound impact.

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey towards a sustainable future, where waste is transformed into opportunity, and communities thrive through innovative partnerships. At Frozen Brands, we're more than a food company; we're a catalyst for positive change in South Africa's farming heartland.

Posted by Team FB
2 October 2023